A private beach club on Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, Florida, The Floridian offers an exclusive coastal lifestyle, with exceptional guest cottages, beach, swimming and dining facilities. Membership is by invitation only, and comes with an outstanding level of service and attractive benefits.

Membership Benefits

Benefits are described in greater detail in the Membership Plan.

  • Beach and Pool Services. Members will enjoy complimentary chaise lounges, towels and beach umbrellas.
  • Club Dining. Members will enjoy use of the private dining room, lounge and veranda. Pool and beachside food and beverage services are also available.
  • Transportation to Club Facilities. Complimentary transportation will be provided to the Club from The Dunes of Naples and other locations to be determined by the Club.
  • Events and Activities. The Club will sponsor a variety of events and activities, such as parties, beach activities, barbecues and happy hours.

The Floridian Club is a privately owned and managed company.

Becoming a member

Memberships to The Floridian Club are available only to eligible residents of the Grande Preserve at The Dunes. To become a member of the Club, you must submit to the Club a fully completed and signed Membership Agreement, along with a check or credit card authorization in the amount of the required membership fee, if appropriate, with the annual dues and any applicable taxes. The Club may require an interview with the Membership Director, and/or other designees of the Club.

Dues and Membership Fees

Annual Membership Dues: $5,609.35 plus tax

Membership Fee: $40,000 plus tax

No Assessments: Members are not subject to operating or capital assessments.

Membership fees are non-refundable and are not transferable, except as specifically provided in the Membership Plan. Member status must be kept in good standing in order to have membership transfer privileges for a residence. Subsequent purchasers of a residence, with membership availability, must acquire the membership within 30 days of the real estate closing.


  • Immediate Family Privileges. A member, his or her spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 23* are entitled to membership privileges without having to pay additional membership dues or guest fees.
  • Guest Privileges. A member may invite a guest to use the Club Facilities in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. The Club may modify or terminate this privilege and establish such rules with respect thereto as it may determine.
  • Guest Privileges. A member’s guest may be invited to the Club as: a member accompanied guest; an unaccompanied guest residing in the member’s Grande Preserve residence. This includes family members and houseguests in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. The Club may modify or terminate this privilege and establish such rules with respect thereto as it may determine.
  • Lessee Privileges. A Beach Member may arrange for a lessee of his or her residence in the Community to have membership privileges during the lease term, subject to the Membership Plan.

*Children under the age of 23 must be living at home, attending school on a full- time basis or in the military.

If you’re a member, real estate professional or a potential buyer with questions about membership or membership status of a Grande Preserve residence, contact The Floridian Club at (239) 593-0676 or e-mail